F5 Certified Administrator NGINX certification now available!

 F5 Certified Administrator NGINX certification now available!

The F5 Certification team is thrilled to announce that the first official F5 NGINX certification is now live! Introducing the F5 Certified Administrator NGINX certification.

The NGINX Certification validates a candidate's understanding of how NGINX works and their ability to perform basic functions related to the administration of NGINX acting as a web and proxy server.

To achieve the F5 Certified Administrator NGINX certification, candidates must be a part of the F5 Certification program and pass all four of the following NGINX exams:

  • NGINX Management
  • NGINX Configuration: Knowledge
  • NGINX Configuration: Demonstrate
  • NGINX Troubleshooting

About the NGINX certification exams:

  • Each exam contains 30 questions and is 30 minutes long.
  • Each exam costs $50 USD.
  • Each exam is delivered online through Certiverse and can be taken in any order.
  • Preparation for the NGINX Certification exams begins with the NGINX OSS Blueprint.
  • The NGINX certification is based on NGINX Open Source Software, not NGINX+.
  • NGINX Certification FAQs.  

You can register here for the F5 Certification program to schedule NGINX exams.

Note*: This link takes you to a non-F5 site where you will need to establish an account login if you haven not already done so.*

Go to F5 Certification Program site for additional NGINX training resources.

For additional information, refer to the NGINX Certification FAQ page. If you have additional questions, please email support@mail.education.f5.com

And check out Buu Lam's conversation with Dylan Thomas, one of the first people to be NGINX Certified, to learn about how to prepare for the exam. 



Updated Jun 18, 2024
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