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Mar 10, 2012

iRule pool selection after checking




Kindly i need some assistance to complete part of the iRule. i have a LC and i want to select a pool member based on source address. But first i want to check if the pool member is up before, otherwise i will select the whole default pool.



part of the iRule is:





if { [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals] } {


if {[check if the pool member is up }{ ----------<<<<<< how to write it?


pool default_pool member


} else {


pool default_pool }





Do i need another function LB::SELECTED to make it work.










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  • can you try LB::status?



    LB::status wiki

  • Try something like:

    set p my_pool_name
    set m my_pool_member_ip:port
    if { [active_members $p] > "0" } {
        if { [lsearch -exact [active_members -list $p] $m] } {
          pool $p member $m
        } else {
          pool $p
  • Thank you. I will try the code.


    But while searching for every part of the line " if { [lsearch -exact [active_members -list $p] $m]" to understand it, I read that the option "list" in the active_member is not supportive in the GTM.


    Do you think LC also do not support this option?





  • Hi Chris,


    Since i have a Link Controller, in which i faced a problem (a bug) when using the same node in multiple pool, so i cannot use the same node in multiple pool. I am trying to use the default_gateway pool and play on it.


    Otherwise, I could have created a pool including one node and check if this pool is up, without getting into this delimma



    All what i want is to check if a pool member is up in a Link controller license box....





  • Hello,



    Thank you Ian, the code worked but i had a problem with the variable p and m and i had to reply them with there real names in the code.



    Anyway i appreciate everybody support.