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Oct 20, 2006

irule BUG with LinkController.

The bug is that if you have a irule with two or more pools in them and this irule is connected to a virtual server that is bound via a Wide-ip (linkcontroller license)


then if one of the pools goes down then the wide-ip also goes down.


the virtual server stays up.



the wide-ip should not go down just cause one pool goes down, I want them to be up until all pools are gone in the irule.



we have 30 pools in one irule and it kinda breaks our entire network when one pool goes down.



Do anyone have any idea how to fix this? Or heard of it? Or have the same problem?



Regards Christofer

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    Interesting. As far as I know, assigning an iRule to a Virtual shouldn't have any bearing on the status of the Virtual, Pool or even Wide-IP. Are you positive this is only occuring when the iRule is applied?



  • Hi.


    Thanks for the answer.


    Yes it seems to be only when we talking about irules.


    if i have a virtual server with only a default pool then the virtual server should go down when the default pool goes down.


    and then the wide-ip should also go down.



    but in this case I don't have any default pool or such. the only config I have under the virtual server is one irule.


    and in that irule I have ca 30 pools



    and everything is dependant on the path so I have a if case to check the path for ex /business/ then send it to pool business-servers. and so on.



    but what's happening now is that if the pool business server goes down then that is enough to mark the wide-ip red and stop giving out dns entries for the entire host. even though we have 29 other pools that are working fine.



    the virtual server is green all along.


    and working, only the DNS goes down.


    Best Regards Tibbe