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Aug 02, 2021

In the oauth profile unable to select JWT keys

2 keys are created in the JWT keys configuration, however when trying to configure the Oauth profile, select checkbox Support JWT Token the JWT Primary Key select box is empty.


Key are available here in same partition

Access  ››  Federation : JSON Web Token : Key Configuration



Within the Oauth profile unable to select the keys

Access  ››  Federation : OAuth Authorization Server : OAuth Profile



Someone got any idea why this is occurring?

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  • Hi Marvin,


    I have no experience with OAuth, but I tried adding JWT Primary Key to OAuth profile.

    If you identify an ID in the Key Configurations (JWK), you can select the key in the oAuth profile.

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      damn they should make that field mandatory it works :-)

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      Thanks Enes!

      There is no where in the documentation that mentions you have to have an ID otherwise you wont be able to select it under Oauth profile.