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May 30, 2019

I have some problem after upgrade ltm version 10.2.4 to

Hi all,

Now i have some problem after upgrade version ltm 10.2.4 to by first step i try to upgrade 10.2.4 to 11.2.1 but i found bigip.conf file lose

Who ever been found same problem before please help me to fix this issue.



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  • Update, I found bigip.conf file move to bigpipe directory with existing syntax version 10.2.4, Please let me know how to move bigip.conf file to /config directory with new version

  • It is likely something went ground parsing the config from v10 to v11. Config files format is different across versions, you cannot just move it, it needs to be parsed.


    Run this and check for errors on the logs:

     /usr/libexec/bigpipe daol


    Best Regards,

    Oscar Pucheta