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Mar 13, 2012

HTTPS session on HTTP pool server

Hi all,



I'm new to F5 appliances and to the forum.


I'm setting up a virtual server to serve clients on HTTPS. My server is running on HTTP.


I've created a certificate, a client SSL Profile, SNAT pool and a pool with just one server.



I'm having no problem making this work over HTTP from end to end, but I would like to do is to terminate the SSL connection at F5 level to make it HTTPS for end users.



Using the GUI, I specify the virtual server running on HTTPS, and on the advanced configuration, I use the "Standard" type, TCP Protocol, my defined SSL Profile (Client) with Address Translation and Port Translation activated.



Nevertheless, this ain't work and I wonder if I absolutely have to define a iRule to make this work?


Of course this would be much more easier without it, but I think that it might be inevitable given the fact that all the links on the server are referred in "HTTP" and thus should be replaced automatically with HTTPS for the end user.



Thanks for your help.


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