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Apr 11, 2014

https_443 marking a host as down after 302 response code

Does the https_443 monitor look for error responses (4xx, 5xx) or does it look for a 200 response code? I'm seeing a node marked as down that's returning a 302 redirect, and I'm not sure if the monitor is flagging the 302 as a problem or if there's something else wrong. Thanks!


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  • Your monitor can be configured with a receive string of whatever you want, whether that's a 200, 302, 404, anything you like. What does your monitor configuration look like?


  • Sorry, I mean the default monitor. I'm curious what the default behavior is for it. I can write a custom monitor if I need to, but was curious as to the current behavior of the one that ships with it. Thanks!


  • Default HTTP monitor I don't believe has a receive string set so if it receives a response of any kind it'll mark the host up.