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Aug 30, 2010

http class question...

I asked a question a few months ago about sending traffic to a different pool based on the URI. So https://www.joetest/whatever would go to one pool but https://www.joetest/newtest would go to a pool of my choosing. At the time I was running an old version of LB os so I did it with and Irule. I have upgraded and now want to do it with http class. I am having trouble getting it to work though? I setup a new http class. named it test parent profile is httpclass host match all uri paths I have match only uri path list I have /crdmo* (which is what I want to trigger the other pool.) headers I have match all cookies I have match all send to I have pool Pool I have the pool I want to send to. In the VS I have the other pool as the default. When I go to the URL I get the default pool. When I put /crdmo I get 404 error. I tried changing entry type to both pattern string and regular expression. Am I way off or is it something stupid? Or perhaps I am the something stupid. Thanks in advance. Joe

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  • I am wondering if I didn't explain this well? Is anyone using http class profiles to do URI sorting? Should I add more detail? Post it in a different part of the forum? Any idea? Thanks Joe
  • Joe - may I ask why you no longer wish to do it with an iRule? Also, I haven't used http classes long enough to know whether wildcards are acceptable. Can you confirm that they are?