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Dec 19, 2011

HSL vs log

Hi guys!



I've to deploy an iRule at 9.4.8 HF4 version just for debbuging network activity. So at once I though to do it using HSL but this feature is only available on 10.1.x in ahead...



So I dig at Wiki and log command also support sendding to a Syslog Server...



log 10.x.x.x:514 "My Message from iRule: [HTTP::uri]"




- I would like to know how much painful is this feature...


- Is the iRule stopped until the UDP message is released ¿?





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  • Hi Angel,



    Logging UDP syslog messages to a remote server should be fairly efficient and not add latency. I do think it's a blocking operation. But as it's UDP, TMM doesn't have to wait for the syslog server to respond to a connection attempt.



    HSL is very efficient in terms of CPU and memory usage. So I'd recommend using it once you're on 10.1 or higher.