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Sep 08, 2011

How to install PERL Execpt and Net::SFTP

I know this isn't supported but... Does anyone know how to install the Perl Expect libraries on a 10.2x LTM? Also, Net::SFTP module.




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  • Hi John,



    Jason has some steps here using a vanilla CentOS instance:





  • I think this would work:



    Using CentOS, you can download the module from CPAN, extract it and chdir to the newly created directory. Use PREFIX when you prepare the Makefile:



    perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/home/module/usr/local



    The rest would be as usual:





    make test


    make install



    Once it's done, transfer /home/module/usr/local to LTM. More detail about how to transfer the binary to LTM, you can take a look at Jason's steps.



    Add the following line at the top of any of your scripts that require the module:



    use lib "/home/module/usr/local/";



    Good luck ...
  • Is there a version of EXPECT already installed? The link below discusses the creation of a custom monitor using EXPECT??





    Thank you,