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Jul 18, 2012

How to enable a VIP for all VLANs






I am trying to use iControl::Interfaces.LocalLBVirtualServer.set_vlan() API to enable VIP on all VLANs. I am unable to do so using the following code snippet. My problem is that I am unable to figure out a way to specify "ANY VLAN" property using this API.





Is there any other API that I should use for my purpose ? Any help is appreciated here.




string[] vservers = new string[1] { "ExistingVIP" };



CommonVLANFilterList[] vlans = new CommonVLANFilterList[1] { new CommonVLANFilterList() { state = CommonEnabledState.STATE_ENABLED, vlans = new string[1] {"ANY"} } };



context.Interfaces.LocalLBVirtualServer.set_vlan(vservers, vlans);
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