Enabling F5 Distributed Cloud Fraud and Risk Solutions with ForgeRock Connector


In this article, we'll show you how customers can now utilize F5's industry leading Distributed Cloud Account Protection and Authentication Intelligence Services with Forgerock's Customer Identity and Access Management Platform, bringing immediate security action and protecting their digital businesses against fraud.


Solution Overview

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence and Account Protection can now be easily integrated into the ForgeRock customer identity & access management (CIAM) platform. The ForgeRock connector instantly integrates with Distributed Cloud to enable Authentication and Account Protection to stop targeted, human-driven fraud with adaptive, real-time detection of fraudulent activity across the entire user journey. The ForgeRock connector adds no additional friction to help to drive a strong customer experience that improves the bottom line.





There are many benefits that customers can gain by deploying F5’s Distributed Cloud Fraud Solutions with the Forgerock Connector Integration. They can Slash fraud and abuse, increase top-line revenue, remove friction for good users and maximize app security against manual fraud. To learn more please visit F5.com/ForgeRock  or contact ForgeRock@F5.com.

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Updated Apr 23, 2024
Version 7.0

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