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Feb 11, 2011

How I can weigh the traffic to two servers on the F5?




Here is my situation.



Seeing that all the traffic from the App Server will now go to Server1, I am asked to manage the load of the web servers to Server1 and Server2. I am asked to change the load from the 2web servers to send 70% of the traffic to Server1 at 30% and send 70% to Server2.



I have looked at the only other Pool in our F5 that I believe is doing this now. I do not see where I can state a percentage like 30% or 70%. What I see while in the Pool under the advance configuration option is Ratio 7 and the other nodes have a 1. The priority group for all is 1, Connection Limit is 0.



Are the options for the Ratio field 0 - 10 and does this represent percentage like 3 = 30% and 7 = 70%? If I were to update this field, would this be the only step I need to complete to satisfy weighing the load to the nodes in question?







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  • Hi Jason,



    Do you need to persist the web server to app server connections or requests? This would potentially affect the overall ratio of requests to the app servers. If you do need persistence, you could use UIE persistence on a client to web server token.



    If you don't need persistence between the web and app servers, you could just set a ratio on the app server pool. The ratio values can be any integer. For simple calculations, 3 for one server and 7 for the other server would equate to 30% and 70% of connections.



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    Hi Jason.



    I've also had good results with dynamic ratios... The ratios themselves can then be updated on the fly via iControl (Or at the command line) to adjust the load. It's a reasonably simple task then to write something that will let you later that in response to a request (Or even in response to the dynamic load on the servers).



  • For this application the only persistence that is set up is from the client to the web servers and that is set to persistence via source ID at 30mins. When the client is on the site and there is a call to the load balanced servers for the SSRS site via a URL setting in the Main Site config file, the traffic for SSRS goes thru the F5 and there is no persistence set on the SSRS pool.



    So do I understand correctly that I only have to update the ratio on the SSRS pool which is were I need to weigh the traffic to the SSRS server?