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Aug 14, 2017

Hotfix-BIGIP- failed due to a DoS configuration issue

After installing Hotfix-BIGIP- , i have faced the below issue and the configuration file didn't load completely :


******* output of tmsh load /sys config verify *****


01071aa7:3: Dos Device attack data bad actor per-source detection/limit pps cannot be greater than the Dos vector (icmpv4-flood) rate threshold setting for /Common/dos-device-config. Unexpected Error: Validating configuration process failed.


any suggestion how to fix it ?


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  • this is a bit tricky, but if you are familiar enough with the CLI you can do this:


    • edit the bigip.conf to make sure that doesn't occur, search for dos-device-config and see if you can find it and then do a tmsh load sys config

    else you can rollback and try to solve it in the GUI on the old version and then upgrade again.