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Jan 14, 2022

Hiding the server port number when ssl offloading to an server on a non standard port



I've just started using the F5 platform and have run into a probelm from a 'non standard' server setup.


The server is running a non ecrypted webserver on port 1234


I have the ssl cert setup on an LTM profile with a VIP listening on port 443.


the problem i have is when i go to HTTPS://IPADDRESS the reposnse i get is HTTPS://IPADDRESS:1234/welcome.htm and nothing else shows up. which makes sense as the client can't get to port 1234.


How can i make the reposonse return to the client without the server portnumber being included?



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  • Hi Adam,


    Could you post the virtual server configuration of both?

    Use the command: tmsh list ltm virtual <name of the virtual server>

    And any irule attached to these virtual servers.





  • unfortunatly i don't have access to the command line...


    there are no irules in place.

  • Ok, it a rewrite profile attached?

    If not, could you add a profile to the configuration with these settings:

    client side: https://FDQN/

    server side: http://FQDN:1234/

    And test this.





  • It sounds like the application is sending an absolute self-referencing redirect. You can changing the 'Redirect Rewrite' setting in the http profile of the virtual server. For more information, see this post:




  • There is no rewrite profile attached at the moment.


    i'll have a read through that devcenratl post and give that a go.