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Dec 02, 2019

Hide port in the URL

Hi my question is same with but i dont see the answer for this, so my setup is:


the client access VIP:443 like then F5 will redirect it with VIP:2001 or


is there a way to hide :2001 ? Thank you!

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  • Hi,


    No, there is no way to hide the port @client side as the port used is not the standard one (80 for HTTP). if you remove the port from the URL, the client will automatically target the port 80.

  • below iRule will change return redirect URLs back to https and set remote port to https port:-


    when HTTP_RESPONSE {

    if { [HTTP::header is_redirect]} {

      HTTP::header replace Location https://[string map {"http://" ""} [string map ":[TCP::remote_port]/ :443/" [HTTP::header value Location]]]