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Jan 06, 2014

Help needed to Explain what Vlan and Tunnel Traffic is for?



I am new to F5 and I am trying to configure a new virtual server. One of the parameters is the vlan and tunnel traffic, which by default is enabled on.


help needed here to explain what is this for? If I configure my virtual server to have virtual address in VLAN_3, and I enable vlan traffic only on VLAN-3, does this mean only requests sourced from VLAN-3 network will be accepted by F5 ltm?


Thank You


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  • That is correct. if you leave by default, traffic sourced from any vlan can connect to that virtual server. As you specify what can/cannot, it pares the list down.


  • Thanks Jason.


    To clarify further, you meant the restriction is on the client side right? and not on the server side wherein only self-IP sourced by the Loadbalancer from Vlan-3 can get to the pool members?


  • As you allow only vlan3 traffic, traffic from vlan3 will be passed to virtual server. If you specify default, all the vlan traffic can access virtual server.


  • Thanks Jason. This makes a lot of sense now. I changed the vlan and tunnel traffic to default and traffic from other nets can now reach the VIP. On the other hand, if I enabled vlan and tunnel traffic, I observed it will only allow traffic that comes from that interface.