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Sep 06, 2018

Help designing an access policy to work across multiple subdomains in Sharepoint?

I have a working access policy that works great for a pool of Sharepoint servers. My problem is when the user authenticates using username and password to they are prompted again when they click a link that goes to or All of these sites reside on the same Sharepoint server(s). All of these sites are accessed through one virtual server and one pool of servers. Is there a way to have all the sites accessible after a single login?


Logon Page -- AD Auth -- SSO Credential Mapping -- Allow


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  • You don't have to change the policy but to manage domain cookie.


    you have 2 solutions:


    • domain cookie : if sharepoint sites are in same domain (ex :, and , you can define access profile domain to
    • multiple domain SSO : you can configure one login URL :


      then create one one domain per sharepoint site