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Oct 08, 2014

health monitor IIS



I was wondering if someone can shed some light on a health monitor I am trying to setup. Ill give a brief overview of the setup.


We have an application that gets proxied via apache ( apache are the nodes in the pool being monitored, acts as proxy nothing more) to IIS where the application actually lives.


I am trying to setup a monitor so that it monitors say an index.html page on the IIS server something along the lines of


Send string - http://Portal/dir/index.html receive string - IIS is up


Tried to use this but nodes fail the health check when applying the monitor to the pool


The service ports that its monitoring for are https


Any help is greatly appreciated




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  • have you tried doing a curl -v https://.... from the big-ip and check if you get the right response?


    also you mention https but in your send string it says http://, i believe the http:// or https:// isn't need there anyway, you do a get /... without the http(s).


  • you can use a custom http monitor, "GET /index.html". you have to look for a static text in the html page to apply the status of the node. for example, title of the page or a html tag, '', etc. Look up here -


    Hope, this answers.


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      404 page not found does any one has the correct url ?


  • Can you please try below send string and receive string: Send string: GET /test.html HTTP/1.1\nHost:\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n Receive string: IIS is up


    Change host to your local FQDN name and HTML and receive string also according to your configurations.