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Jul 21, 2011

Having issues running Sharepoint reports through F5 and HTTPS

I am testing a Sharepoint VIP on our F5 LTM. I have tested using port 80 straight through and everything works fine. When I go through the SSL VIP for Sharepoint ( client to F5 using 443 and F5 to backend Sharepoint members using port 80, everything loks good except one thing. When I click on a link to run any reports, I get -





Go back to site





An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host


Troubleshoot Issues with Windows Sharepoint Services






Again, if I use port 80 straight through, it works fine. Just an issue with SSL VIP (between client and F5 and port 80 to Sharepoint members in backend.



Also, this is an older verison of Sharepoint (pre 2007).



Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm new to F5 but have been picking it up quick and have many VIP's running without issue until this :)









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  • Hello Marc,



    I think it have something to do with alternative acces in sharepoint .



    Extract from



    When using the BIG-IP LTM system for SSL offload, for


    each Sharepoint Web Application that will be deployed behind LTM,


    configure your SharePoint Alternate Access Mappings and Zones


    according to the Microsoft documentation. For SSL offload, the


    Alternate Access Mapping entries must have URLs defined as


    https://, where FQDN is the name associated in DNS with the


    appropriate Virtual Server, and assigned to the SSL certificate within the


    Client SSL profile.


    More information can be found here:








  • Thank you for the response. I will check with our SharePoint Admin. In mean time would this apply to my case even though going to SharePoint through the F5 SSL VIP, everything else seems to work fine except those report links?






    Thank again !!
  • Hi Guys, Same situation here, but i can not use Alternate Mapping on Sharepoint. I have special configuration:


    all my clients go to Pool1 with port 443 which is mapped to port 443 on backend But for another clients i`ve created different authentication mechanism and it leaves on port 4443. So i created another F5 Pool and those clients hit F5 on port 443 and then go to SP to port 4443. But Sharepoint replies back to port 4443. For that purpose i created irule which change host from to


    Everything works fine except reports. Please advice.