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Apr 06, 2010

Hand-editing WIDEIP.CONF

Is there a way to load a hand-edited /config/gtm/wideip.conf without rebooting? I was thinking it should simply be [code]b load[/code], but that doesn't seem to work.

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  • Hi,



    With TMOS 9.4.x gtmload will help you , copy your wideip.conf , make your changes and load : gtmload mywideip.conf.


    I think with TMOS 10.x , you don 't have to use a full file.



  • Yes, you are correct, thanks. gtmload will load the config, and gtmparse verifies the syntax. Thanks for the response. I also found this in the management guide, which I did not have available to me when I wrote this.
  • @FredR I was NOTable to use the command you posted "gtmload <*wideip.conf > , where the file name could be any edited file , this gave me an error , the version I am using is 10.2.3



    The other command which worked for me by Hand Editing is as below.



    1) Edit the "wideip.conf " in the /config/gtm/wideip.conf and after saving the edited file use the command



    gtmparse -l




    This command uses the file path " /config/gtm/wideip.conf"



    So before doing this activity make sure you take a backup by copying the original file eg. from the /config/gtm folder



    cp /config/gtm/wideip.conf ./filename_wideip.conf



    now after editing the original wideip.conf , you can check for syntax using the command



    gtmparse -i



    eg. if I copied a wideip.conf to a file named Original_wideip.conf and edited the contents of Original_wideip.conf file, then I would check if my syntax is right using



    gtmparse -i Original_wideip.conf



    Hope this helps
  • just to add one more thing this command pasted above can also be run showing the complete path



    gtmparse -i /config/gtm/Original_wideip.conf



    where Original_wideip.conf is in the folder /config/gtm



  • gtmparse -i /config/gtm/Original_wideip.conf , in v11 the only change would be using the complete path