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Jan 19, 2016

F5 GTM v10.2.4 storing WIPs with small case in wideip.conf.

Hi, I created wideips with varying cases but same name and associated different pools for each of them. The UI shows multiple wideips but the wideip.conf shows only one wideip!! This is a confusing statement where UI shows different count and config file shows different counts.

How is F5 figuring out there are multiple wideips when there is only one entry in the config file?

Example: I created two wideips:, and associated testpool to former and test-pool2 to latter. Both the wideips are shown on UI, but the config file only has the following:

wideip {
   name         ""
   pool_lbmode  rr
   partition "Common"
   pool         "test-pool2"

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  • The DNS protocol is case insensitive, so multiple wideips with the same name but different case are not allowed.


    Having said that, GTM 10.2.4 appears to fail to enforce this behaviour, and incorrectly allows you to create multiple objects. This is a bug, and is fixed in later versions (I haven't tested to see exactly which version the fix appeared in, but it is certainly fixed in 11.5.1)


    With regard to the duplicate entries showing in the GUI, this will be because the internal "running" configuration stored in /var/db/mcpd.bin will be storing all three entries. If you follow SOL13030 and reset your mcpd cache, the config will be read from wideip.conf, and the duplicates will disappear.


    Note that 10.2.4 is no longer under active development (see SOL5903). You are encouraged to upgrade to a version that has active software support.