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Jul 24, 2010

Editing GTM wideip.conf failed




We had a situation where we wanted our GTM to get health check from LTM and we had many urls to edit so we decided to edit the wideip.conf and loaded the file on production GTM. We ran gtparse and gtmload and it was successfull but what happen is all the health check failed for the servers we added. We had to delete it and readd it manually.



So here is my question did i miss something? The gtm and ltm are separate devices . Do i need to restart some daemon on GTM to get health checks from LTM after I load the wideip.conf file?????






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    Hi Kirit,



    What kind of health checks are you using? If they are set to 'bigip', have you ran gtm_add to exchange the keys between the two systems?



    Depending on what version you are running, a 'bigstart restart' can sometimes clear up some of these issues. Just beware that running 'bigstart restart' will disrupt any connections for users currently using that unit.