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Sep 24, 2017

GTM Design For External DNS Queries

Hello,   I'm a little bit confused here as I'm setting up my upcoming project design which includes 2 boxes with GTM and LTM modules each, and each box will be located in a site (SITE A, SITEB),G...
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    Oct 09, 2017



    what about the A record ip address of the Ns gtm1 is it the ip address of the listener configured on the GTM or is it the self ip address of the GTM?


    Also i have another question when doing the same delegation from the external DNS (Internet side) the delegation configuration will be as you stated the following:-

  A X.X.X.X NS


    Here the X.X.X.X Ip address will be the piblic ip address of the GTM to be natted on the firewall or what?regardless if its the listener or the self ip of the GTM.


    Hope you can help me


    Thank you..