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Feb 23, 2024

GTM and LTM sharing same VLAN how GTM probing happens for LTM prober pools

Hi Team,


I have a test case usage where GTM and LTM are spanning over the same vlan and have their own self IP and floating Self IP address in same subnet space.

I would like to know , if we have Data Center  probing selected as Inherited from Data Center and the Prober Pool membership has been assigned to LTM instead of GTM itself. How does the GTM delegates the probing mechanism to LTM. 


I read out this note under the KBA

Note: If the monitor probe type is "bigip" (which simply reads vip status from mcpd), then there is only one big3d that can do this, which is the big3d running on the target device.  For this type of monitor, prober-pools are not used, even if configured. The intent for the prober pool is for non-BIG-IP devices.

There are two cases for my query 

Case 1 : The GTM uses its own Self IP for probing Generic host through LTM Interface  proposing LTM as  Traffic Proxy.

Case 2 : The LTM uses its own Self IP for probing Generic Host and updating GTM through Iquery Stats.


Would like to know what actually happens when the prober pool member is delegated to LTM.

 Any insights would be useful



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