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Feb 06, 2019

Finding Virtual Server/Wide IP by just server names

Hi all,   I have been given a server which was malfunctioning, at that time I wasn't given any VIP details. The issue has now been fixed but it took two hours as the person requesting was fishing ...
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    Feb 06, 2019

    Hello Adhil,


    I don't know about WIPs, but I think you could track down what virtual server is assigned to a server by backtracking through the bigip.conf file in CLI.


    Open up bigip.conf in vi, and search for your pool member/server. Once you've found the entry, look at which pools it is a part of. Then you can search for that pool and find out which virtual server it is attached to.


    Here's a guide on vi if you don't feel super comfortable navigating through it.


    Feel free to ask if you have any follow-up questions,