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Jul 26, 2023

Finding all virtual servers with "log all traffic" policy applied via API


I am trying to locate virtual server configs in my F5 environment that are configured to log all traffic requests. Obviously, this has a detrimental impact to F5 logging performance. Is there a way to use the TMSH shell or REST API to interrogate the F5 appliance via a script and get a listing of all virtuals that use a "log all traffic" policy so I can change the policy and give our logging servers a bit of respite?


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  • Hi kyle_martin_evop,

    AubreyKingF5's solution will work with a slight modification:

    tmsh list ltm virtual one-line | egrep -i 'log.all.requests' | awk '{ print $3 }'

    You could run bash via iControl rest against all your BIG-IPs to get this output.

    but you can also do this natively via iControl REST against the virtual endpoint:

    # GET request to -> https://ltm15/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual?$select=name,securityLogProfiles,
    # RESULT:
      "kind": "tm:ltm:virtual:virtualcollectionstate",
      "selfLink": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual?$select=name%2CsecurityLogProfiles%2C&ver=",
      "items": [
          "name": "nginx-vip-tls",
          "securityLogProfiles": [
            "\"/Common/Log all requests\""
          "securityLogProfilesReference": [
              "link": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/security/log/profile/~Common~Log%20all%20requests?ver="
          "name": "testapp-vip"
          "name": "testappssl-vip"

    You can then parse this on the client side to cut down to match only the virtual servers with the matching condition.

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      Whipped up a sample python script using the bigrest module to iterate through multiple hosts and virtuals...only tested against my one host and virtual, but should be a start as an idea of what you can do:


      from bigrest.bigip import BIGIP
      with open('hosts.txt', 'r') as hostfile:
          hosts = [line.strip() for line in hostfile]
      for host in hosts:
          b = BIGIP(host, 'admin', 'admin', session_verify=False)
              vips = b.load('/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual')
              for vip in vips:
                  if 'securityLogProfiles' in
                      if '"/Common/Log all requests"' in'securityLogProfiles'):
                          print(f'Host: {host}, Virtual: {"name")}')
          except Exception as e:


      When run:


      Host:, Virtual: nginx-vip-tls


      hosts file is just a text file with a single host per line...