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Jul 25, 2021

F5 /var/named/lib has 1.92% free space left



We got below critical alert for F5. As checked /var is showing 84% used, but as per alert /var/named/lib has 1.92% free space left.


Please let me know, if there is any impact for this & how to free space for both /var & /var/named/lib.


Alert: CRITICAL - storage 32 (/var) has 1.92% free space left, storage 66 (/var/named/lib) has 1.92% free space left


Cli Alert: 011d004:3: Disk Partition /var has only 16% free

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  • easiest at such a moment is open a ticket with F5 support, they can join a remote session and look at it with you.


    if that isn't possible have a look at this article:


    it lists some common causes and a good command to dig into the use of a certain directory.