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Aug 15, 2017

F5 tagged vlan with copper and fiber?



I've some question regard network infrastructure.


Currently we have network switch behind F5 which connect F5 and server by port 1Gbps normally.


In the future, we will have new server and new switch which support only 10Gbps (but we didn't replace old server. new server reside in the same vlan as old server and we still using old server too.)


Can we config vlan tagging by assign interface 1.x (copper) and 2.x (fiber) in the same vlan and using it properly?


So logical diagram will be like F5 have 2 cable. copper cable connect to old switch and fiber cable connect to new switch. (same vlan)


Thank you


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  • Hello Kridsana,


    Never tested... but something sure, is that you can add multiple interfaces to a single VLAN and based on this discussion "El_Jefe" answered that F5 do support VLAN connected to more than one switch.


    See discussion here :



    If switches are also interconnected you better verify that STP is enabled so you avoid any network loop.


    Hope it helps