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Oct 13, 2011

F5 SSL - Tomcat - HTTPS links rendering

We have webservices that are hosted on Tomcat (v6.0.32) web servers and use an SSL certificate configured on our F5's.



There is an iRule on the F5 that redirects all http requests to https. (i.e redirects from port 80 on the F5 to port 443 on the F5, and then on to port 8080 on the backend web servers)


when HTTP_REQUEST { HTTP::redirect https://[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri] }



While this redirection works fine, there is an issue we have when we look at our WSDL files - For example I open https://F5URL/context_path/ws_name?wsdl and it shows me a WSDL file with some links to other XSD files. But these links show as HTTP and port 80, while we need it to show as HTTPS. Sample XML below (removed the tag symbols since I cant get them in.)








xsd:import namespace="http://default_namespace" schemaLocation="http://backend_hostname:80/context_path/ws_name?xsd=1"








The flow is port80(F5) -> port443(F5) -> port8080(backend).


The F5 guys say the flow is working perfectly, and they do not want to do any URL rewriting on their end. They want this to be changed on the back-end server/code. I have no idea if anything can be done on Tomcat to change this. And the WSDLS are definitely not in the code, they are dynamically generated upon deployment to Tomcat.



Thanks in advance for the help!