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Nov 13, 2020

F5 Sending syslogs with two hostname to remote syslog server

HI All,   we have F5 Device (LTM + AFM), we configured syslog sever splunk via linux syslog server as forwarder. in Linux server each F5 creating two syslog files, only with just host name and a...
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    May 07, 2021

    HI ,


    We have solution for this.



    Recommended Actions


    Include "options {use_fqdn(yes); keep_hostname(no); };" to syslog configuration :


    Use following command in CLI:


     tmsh modify sys syslog include "options {use_fqdn(yes); keep_hostname(no); };"



    F5 has option to mark his host name in (only host name or FQDN name) in syslog message.