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Jan 13, 2023

F5 related question:how to find how particular URL in F5 if we have hundreds of F5 products

You are in an environment with hundreds of F5s and thousands of URLs -someone said one of yourURLs,,how would you find which F5 appliance that URL resides on?

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  • Rakesh_a You need the following to be quick if asked.

    1. A great naming policy for configuration that you create.
    2. Ensure that a DNS record exists for all FQDNs that you must locate.
    3. Have a record of what IPs belong to which F5 in your infrastructure.
    4. A record of all NATs and the device they are associated to because most likely a large portion of these will have public IPs and your F5s will live in private IP space in most situations but not all.

    Other than the above which is more of a process on sorting your information for the future and will require a significant amount of work hours you can follow what Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh recommended.

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  • A good object naming convention might help 🙂

    Otherwise, if you have the URL, resolve it with a DNS and look for that IP in your VS configuration. 

  • Hi Rakesh_a , 

    I would recommend to do the below steps , it will help : 

    - First , Make a dns resolution for that url , I want you to see which IP is mapped to this "FQDN host name ".

    - After getting this Ip , check if this Ip network exists in routing tables in  your perimeter firewall or edge router , I think you'll be able to see the path of this Ip network .

    - After getting this network , you need only to review your hops till reach out to your F5 that serves this url. 

    NOTE : you have a hop makes destination NAT like perimeter Firewalls , so you should review your NAT rules for this IP. 


    If you don't get it,  you can share with me an overview of your design as a network devices to help you how to get it , if this available with you .