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Apr 21, 2024

F5 on AWS Cloud

Hi Team,


We have a requirement coming up where few applications need load balancing on AWS cloud and customer want to explore the F5 load balancing options. I checked AWS marketplace and there are multiple options for Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) scheme. I have few doubts:


  1. Out of multiple options available as per throughput in AWS (25Mbps/200Mbps/1Gbps/5Mbps), how can we propose the best option. Based on the number of expected client session to the application, can we identify the correct Virtual Edition? Is there any document available that mentions the VE Image based on throughput and the number of connections it can handle?
  2. Is there any option that we can re-use the existing license from the hardware device running on-premise?

Thanks in advance


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