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Mar 11, 2024

F5 Not sending traffic to Pool Members

Hello guys,


I have an issue with our F5 devices, we have 2 devices in a cluster in an Active and standby state.


we noticed the issue started about two weeks ago, the active F5 just stops sending traffic to the pool member behind the VS, we tried some couple of troubleshooting whenever this occurs

  • we check the var/log/ltm and var/log/monitor logs for the pool affected but we cant see any stating a failure.
  • we changed the health monitor and it is still the same.
  • we can confirm that it is not the network because the other pools are working fine and checkup was done on the affected server to confirm all services and functions are working as should.
  • Even after deleting and adding the pool member back to the pool, F5 doesn't send traffic to it.

what i noticed is the statistics page show bits in without any bits outs also for packets

Please what can cause this as it is an intermittent issue that occurs almost daily. we have to failover to the secondary device before F5 starts sending traffic out to pool member, this is a production issue as application server stops working(stops recieving traffic) until an administrator is able to do this.


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