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May 03, 2018

F5 jumbo MTU

We are building new datacenter and making all network switch run on MTU 9216 in short all my switches running on 10G with jumbo frames.


I am installing F5

Big-IP-LTM 10000
and created vPC trunk and i set max MTU size supported
but does this means all
Virtual server
i am going to create will run on MTU 9198, is this going to create issue for any public users who is going to access my VIP or any internal datacenter web server who is running on
MTU 1500

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  • In case of Jumbo to standard 1500/1518 bytes MTU, fragmentation will occur. This may cause less than optimal performance. If a host enforces "Don't fragment (DF)" bit to 1, those communication may fail. Usually all devices which support jumbo frames should be segmented from standard frame size.


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    If on the client side you are are using jumbo frames and on server side just 1500 bytes mtu, this is not a problem for big-ip, since this is full proxy device. Moreover all network devices come to mtu agreement at tcp 3whs