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Dec 06, 2019

F5 Irules Chunking



I have integrated my F5 with anti-virus, however during a curl to a website, i am encountering the below error


transfer closed with xx bytes remaining to read


I have read and it seems to be related to chunking. I have tried to rechunk at the 'HTTP_RESPONSE' event but the content seems to disappear. Please advise if 'HTTP:paylod rechunk' is the right way to do it.


Thank you!

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  • You can control response chunking to the client from within the HTTP profile attached to the virtual server. (Using a configuration option is more desirable that using an iRule.) In the HTTP profile, set Response Chunking to Rechunk. Doing so will ensure all responses to the client are chunked, no matter whether the response from the server was chunked or unchunked. It also means you must be using a customized HTTP profile on the virtual server, rather than the default F5-supplied http profile.


    To conditionally control response chunking from within an iRule, the HTTP profile assigned to the same virtual server as the iRule must have Response Chunking set to Selective.