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Dec 03, 2011

F5 HA Question



We have 2 options for HA setup , Hardware failover and Network failover , let's assume that we want to use hardware failover only ( I know that by that we will not have failover if interface is down ) , now the problem is when we synchronize configuration we are required to enter “mirroring IP “ , which ip to use if we are using Hardware failover only ( ie : 2 units sense each other only through serial port ) ?




let’s assume that I have now HA setup , one unit is active & the other is passive . I want to create new Vlan , so i will configure self-ip for active unit & self-ip for unit2 & floating ip . The question is : when trying to configure a Self -IP I found a check box specifying if it is self or floating but the problem is that when I choose floating I’m asked to choose unit 1 or 2 , when I choose self I’m asked for nothing . I was expecting it to be the opposite which is >>>>>> when trying to configure a Self -IP I find a check box specifying if it is sellf or floating , when I choose Self-IP I’m asked to choose unit 1 or 2 , when I choose Floating I’m asked for nothing .


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    1. Failover is the cable... But state sync is always network because the cable is voltage level only. You can define pretty much an IP on the F5 to be the state sync IP's. (Bot the management ports though).



    2. A non-floating selfip lives on the unit you define it on only. It's never on the other unit. When defining an IP as floating you can have it active on unit 1 or unit 2. Unit 2 is really only used (Or different from unit 1) when you're running active-active. Just use unit 1 if in doubt.