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Jun 08, 2017

F5 DHCP load balancing with 2 x Server 2012 DHCP servers

Is anyone using F5 to load balance DHCP requests toward a Server 2012 DHCP failover configuration.


We have routers that forward DHCP requests toward F5 and F5 is then forwarding the requests toward on of the DHCP servers (round robin). The DHCP servers are currently configured as Hot standby and are synchronizing pool information between each other. We are seeing issues when the server that is not active receives the requests. Is anyone using such configuration or can suggest the best approach to get this to work properly?


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  • Are you using a DHCP type virtual for this or a regular virtual? If you are using a DHCP type virtual, the load balancing method set for the according pool is ignored by the Big IP, and all DHCP requests are always forwarded to all members simultaneously. AFAIK, this behaviour cannot be avoided. In case you are using a regular virtual with a pool of servers being bound to it, you might try using priority group activation, configuring your standby server with a lower priority than your primary server, and setting minimum-active-members to one. Of course, this will work only with a proper health check for your DHCP servers...


    Regards Martin


  • i have existing DHCP failover cluster with two servers. Server A and Server B.
    server A has 2012 OS and Server B has 2019 OS.
    want to remove server A from cluster and to add new 2019 server OS.

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      It probably works better if you start a new question of your own.

      Also you are clearly explaining what you have, but don't seem to ask a question.