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Oct 26, 2020

F5 APM and Qlik Sense with SAML 2.0



to my question, I would like to configure a APM Policy with a landing page in the front of the Application Qlik Sense (prospective WebTop or Resource),

and I would like to auth. with SAML 2.0 but I never configured SAML 2.0, the F5 and the Qlik Sense Application are both on premise. So my question is how I have to configure the SAML in the F5, do I need just a SAML SP or a IdP as well and how about the entityID where have I define ? Because I access a Virtual Server IP with a URL behind (with Pool and Qlik Sense Node), If I access the URL I get the landing page with username and password login from the

APM, so I auth there and my IdP send the credentials to my Application which is Qlik Sense has the App the SP Role ? And which Role has in this way the entityIDs ? Maybe someone has a config example for Qlik Sense and F5 APM with SAML 2.0 ? And in the APM Policy do I need a SSO Credential mapping as well ?


THX for your help


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