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Jan 12, 2012

F5 and UAG Trunks

Are there any guides can help me configure the F5 correctly to load balance UAG Trunks? I currently have about 6 web trunks on the UAG that are being load balanced between 2 UAG servers set up in an array. Suggestions on setting up a health monitor would be helpful as well.



I see that my TMG sever is denying requests because the F5 is making too many requests to it within one second. I am getting the following message below.



'A connection was rejected because the connection limit specifying the maximum number of connections that can be created for a rule during one second was exceeded.



443 HTTPS Denied Connection - None - see Result Code 0x80074e23 FWX_E_CONCURRENT_CONNECTIONS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED_DROPPED External Local Host - CVGUAG01 - Firewall - 0 - '




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    Have you seen our deployment guide for UAG?



    We also have a devcentral post out there on the subject:



    Please let me know if you have further questions.