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Mar 21, 2023

F5 Access 1.3 VPN on Windows 10 packet capture ... possible

Good morning

Ive seen lots of good info on how to tcpdump on F5 side and using the wirshard plaugin to analyse the data.

Does anyone know if its possible to capture vpn packets from a windows 10 client running F5 access 1.3 in windows 10 environment either usng wireshark or other tools ....?

Many thanks


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    Yes, it is possible to capture VPN packet

    In the "Capture Filter" field of Wireshark, enter the filter expression that matches VPN traffic. e.g, if the VPN protocol is SSL/TLS, you can use the filter expression "tcp.port == 443".

  • Gajji is correct if you want to capture the encrypted data, is that what you want?