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Apr 03, 2019

Export existing config to AS3 declaration

Hi all,


I was study the new way to create configs on a f5 with AS3 and the "declarative model".


I like the approach and now I try to find a solution to export an existing f5 config to an AS3 declaration.


Anyone know how to do this?


The goal is to use an existing config as a AS3 declaration for a DR site cluster.


Thanks, Peter


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  • Hi guys,

    I'm also looking for exact the same thing, because if I understand it correctly mixing up existing "old" manual configuration with AS3 "new" declarative configuration is not a good idea, right?

    Are there any news/updates in the meanwhile? I mean most of us don't need a script for each and every single configuration option, but the main settings should be sufficient. If there is any small "special" configuration left, this could be handled manually.

    Or is there any documentation or mapping available, which entry from the bigip.conf file refers to which AS3-declaration?

    And which configuration needs to be part of the AS3-declaration? Just everything from the bigip.conf file, so also the floating IPs? Or which configuration can stay "manually" configured on the BIG-IP?


    And assuming I would have such a final json-file, how should I plan the migration? Something like this?

    • delete config on the standby-device
    • re-configure via AS3-call
    • failover
    • repeat the steps on the second device
    • failback and sync

    Is there anything we have to take care on?


    And once I have successfully migrated the configuration to AS3, any non-automative configuration or further manual adaptions also needs to be executed via AS3-call, right?

    Thank you for any helpful information or reference to any documentation!


    Ciao Stefan :)

  • Interesting question! Stay tuned, I might have something to share in the coming weeks.

  • As far as I know nothing available from F5 currently but think they are working on something.


    Myself and colleague did start to look at developing an iControlREST to AS3 declaration file solution but not managed to find the time to work on it yet however, think that is the best way to go.

  • Somehow the bigip.conf is an as3 declaration file ... But with a different syntax :D


    I would be thrilled to be able to convert a bigip.conf to an AS3 format

  • Hi all - I just came across this. It's not complete, but it may get you some way along the road: