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May 04, 2011

Error clearing irule stats using bigpipe

Can't figure this one out.



I want to clear the stats on all iRules in partition PART1, I make sure I am in the correct partition and issue what I think is the correct command but I get an error saying the current update partition is Common.



[me@bigip:Active] ~ b shell partition PART1


[me@bigip:Active] ~ b shell partition


SHELL - partition: PART1 (read) PART1 (write)


[me@bigip:Active] ~ b rule all stats reset


BIGpipe unknown operation error:


01070826:3: Current Update Partition Error: The current update partition (Common) does not match the object's partition (PART1), stats not reset



Can anyone help?







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  • I am seeing the same behavior when attempting to reset stats in any other partition other than Common.



    You might want to open up a case with F5 for an RFE or Fix Action for this.