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Apr 30, 2015

Dynamic irule for "busy" page for connection limit reached

I'm interested in implementing this solution for max connections reached per VS or server.


But I'd like to have it be dynamic - meaning to automatically pickup the current connection count per server and if it reaches the configured max_connection limit per server, rather than sending a RST to the client, display a "Site busy, try again later" like the Amazon gone fishing page or the Twitter fail whale.


Does anyone have a solution to this rather than setting static values in the irule and having to normalize the server first to implement this irule?




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  • First of all this is a REALLY-REALLY OLD iRule for v9 of BIG-IP (now unsupported).


    You can achieve what you are trying to do WITHOUT iRules - simply set the Connection Limits on your Pool Members and set the FallBack Host setting in your HTTP Profile assigned to this Virtual Server to the URL (hosted elsewhere) showing the "Sorry our site is unavailable - close your browser and try again later" message along with your logo/styles/look-and-feel-whatever....


    Alternatively if you want to use an iRule check out this one: however you will need to change the TCP::close command inside to HTTP::redirect ""


    Hope this helps,