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Jun 09, 2011

Downgrade from 9.4.3 Build 1.4 to 9.3.1 Build 37.1

Hi all,



I need to downgrade a BigIP 6800 from version 9.4.3 to version 9.3.1, but my concern is if the licences the system is running with on version 9.4.3 would still be valid on the lower version. Is it safe to perform this downgrade (re-installation) or there's a chance that some licence/config files need to be re-generated?



Thanks a lot for your help!



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  • license is still valild on lower version. u may backup /config/bigip.license file and put it back after downgrading.



    u can also retrieve license by base registration key.
  • Hi all,



    Just a quick update to finish this thread: I installed 9.3.1 on a fresh partition, and then applied the backed up bigip.license file, and it worked just perfectly!



    Thanks all for your support!