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Nov 15, 2021

DNS response based on SQL query

Hello community.


I have been searching around the DevCentral portal, and either found nothing or some broken links from former Wiki.


Anyway, the situation is this, there is a customer that has approx 50 servers in the same DC, used for storage and also has a database (SQL) on it.


From those 50, only 3 of them are able to response at any given time to an user, this is dynamically calculated from the database.


Basically, user "A" is balanced among 3 servers that has a specific ID calculated from database; then user "B" will be assigned 3 different servers under the same process, and so on and forth. Every time an user interact with the servers, this ID is recalculated and probably will assigned different servers each time. That's the way this particular app works.


What we like to know is, can we have a SQL query created in iRules, where the f5 shoots this query to the DB and receives the 3 servers available for the client?


That's question #1.


Now, if is the answer is yes, then we think we have 2 options;

A.- The f5 is working as LTM and all the servers are behind it of course with the VIP or VIPs in front of it.

B.- The f5 is working as DNS (GTM for all timers), and each of the 50 servers has their own public IP and we response the DNS query to the user.


I know the option B sound crazy, and I don't think we have actually 50 public IP addresses but it was just to paint the picture we are thinking about.


Any feedback and pointers will be much appreciated!


Thank you.

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