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Jun 29, 2012

Destination Address Affinity persistence not working

I'm new to F5 and with that said we are using source address affinity and it works great; however, I need to change it to destination address affinity. When I changed it this morning we had 0 connections but then as the connections began I noticed every single connect was going to only one node and not the other 2 nodes (3 nodes total; IIS web servers). When the connections reached 60 on node 3 and 0 on the other 2 nodes I changed the virtual server back to source address affinity and the loads immediately began to balance out.



My question...


What do I need to do to use destination address affinity? Do I need to change the load balancing method?


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  • What do I need to do to use destination address affinity?i understand it is normally used for load balancing caching farm. the virtual server is usally wildcard virtual server.



    what you found is because all destination address was same, i.e. virtual server address, so they all were sent to same pool member.