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Jan 23, 2023

Delete Management Default Route?

Hi, I have two bigip v16 running in HA (active/standby), and for security reasons i decided to remove management route default gateway and instead add static route for my management network. my ser...
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    Jan 23, 2023

    レザ If you currently have a default route configured for the management interface on the F5 this had to have been added into the configuration because by default the management interface only knows about the network that it resides in. As others have stated, if you remove the default gateway from the management interface routing table everything will not leave through the selfIPs of the F5 except for any routes that you add using the following command in tmsh. This command is based on your servers are in a network and your management interface of the F5 is in and the gateway for that network is

    create sys management-route route_1 network gateway

    Anything that wants to reach the management interface IP you will have to add one of these routes so that the management interface knows how to reach that destination. Also keep in mind that now you will have to look at 2 routing tables when troubleshooting why traffic isn't working on the routed path being the selfIP interfaces. I would recommend adding in /32 routes as often as possible to the management routing table in order to avoid the issue previously described. You cannot have traffic leaving the management interface and the other routed interfaces for the same destination without causing issues. Make sure that the traffic communicating to the management interface will indeed only talk to that interface of the F5. Make sure you have a way to configure these devices locally if for some reason you lose network access to these devices as well as the credentials for the local users on the devices.