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Nov 13, 2013

Default view of "Local Traffic Network Map" has changed and wont go back to normal

I am using an HA pair of F5 Big-Ip 3900's on version 11.3 build 3144.0 HF8.


I was working in the GUI and noticed that when trying to go to the Local Traffic/Network Map the view had changed to "Local Traffic Summary" and will not go to the map unless clicking on the "Show Map" button. I made sure that under system/preferences/start screen it was still set to "Network Map", and it was... I have even changed the preferences to something else, which worked ok, but when I went back to the preferences setting of "Network Map" and you hit the RED F5 ball in the upper left corner of the GUI it still goes to the "Local Traffic Summary".


does anyone know where this might be found in a config file in the command line environment? it's getting really frustrating..


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