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May 27, 2022

Custom connection rate limit per ip list or per http header Irule

Hello . 

I am new to F5 and still learning so i need you help with this task my manager gave me . 

As i understand there is a way to customise connection rate limit on VIP . So my task is to protect web application from http request flood . I have whitelist ip range and I am sure that from it there will be no flood. Also i have http requests from AWS which has custom http header and this reqeust also are clean . So i need to create Irule to set connection rate limit for this conditions for example 1000, and if none of this conditions are true , then connection rate limit must be 100. 

I have seen similar example in this lab . But i dont know how to edit this rule for my purpose.

Can you help me to create this Irule ?  

P.S  My web application now has approximately 800 conn/s . I know that in Irule i need to use Table command. How much memory will it take to handle such traffic? 




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